From the Street

by  you thought it was safe to come out

The ECT might have to issue one of our very rare (corrections?)  We’re not 100% sure.  So we won’t, today.

What’s up?  ECT reported earlier (Click Here) that shoppers in Avon’s (Wal~Mart & Home Depot) would face a new increased 0.75% Tax (their lawyers call it a Fee) on all purchases there.

Reported to the ECT this week – the proposed Settlement Agreement between Avon developer Traer Creek and the Town of Avon – has seen another unscheduled delay…

So?  So shoppers (may?) have another 30 days before the new Tax appears on their receipts.  Don’t worry Avon shoppers, it’s coming.  More news when the ECT can report it.  These ongoing legal discussions continue to constrain our public reporting on this topic…

Meanwhile back in Edwards…

The Edwards/Homestead concerns about more open space continue.  Where?  Up behind the Edwards neighborhood of Homestead.  How much open space? How much access?  What about the surrounding private property?

Barbara Allen weighs in with her letter to you all…(Click Here)


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