Cordillera and Newtown, Connecticut? The Edible and true story

by     in their own words – (L-R) Lainie Edinburg Esq, Pete Leone and Anne Roberts

The ECT reported earlier on this amazing story (Click Here) and how for the first time you can hear what the folks who made it happen – have to say about how they did it!

From Cordillera, Colorado to Newtown, Connecticut –

Cookies from Cordillera to Newtown, Connecticut

Ms. Edinburg also submitted these additional comments from their (above) TV Interview – now posted on YouTube, thanks to the ECT folks!

Cordillera’s response to the Newtown, Connecticut shooting that happened on December 14th 2012.

Ms. Edinburg…”we had over 80 (Cordillera) people respond from December 21st to December 30th 2012.  The smallest donation was $ 25.00 and the largest was $ 500.00
The best part of this Project was that the kids, families and community got some sweetness every Friday/Saturday from people who were thinking about them.
It showed the kids that in spite of all of the evil of that tragedy that there was also goodness in the country and people were thinking about them.”

The other curious thing that is interesting is the $ 11,000,000 that was raised by donations for the Newtown/Sandy Hook families has still not been (7JUL2013)distributed!


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