Telling the Truth!


Who?   Property Owners in Edwards

What?  The proposed land use – for Habitat for Humanity housing – 16 new units

Where?  In the Edwards neighborhood of Homestead – on land designated as ‘Track K’.

According to Fishwrap reporter – Randy Wyrick (Click Here) “more than five dozen people” flocked to the County Commissioner’s public meeting last week to support or disapprove (depending on where one was sitting) the proposed new Habitat Housing development on Track K.

The ECT folks don’t believe either side of this Habitat Housing issue is being completely forthcoming and truthful.

So ECT folks will tell you what we believe  – that neither side – will admit to!

Let’s begin…according to Wyrick’s story last week – two Petitions with hundreds of signatures where presented to the County Commissioners in hope of having the Commissioners vote to deny the proposal for Habitat Housing in their neighborhood.  (PS – our 3 County Commissioners tabled their scheduled vote last week)

It is reasonable to believe a majority of the Homestead signators are concerned for their Property Values – should lower income Habitat Housing be approved in their neighborhood…not the most Christian of attitudes we’ll admit…yet easy to comprehend in the context of tried and true, unabashed “Nimby-ism”.

Q.)  Has anyone asked the local Habitat for Humanity leadership team…if they think it’s a good idea to place (Habitat families) into their new homes…in an otherwise (hostile?)neighborhood?

Now let’s discuss the Developer – Remonov and Company (pro Habitat approval) interest…Rick Mueller is a long time Eagle County developer – and is unnecessarily long-winded in print, in the Fishwrap (Click Here) from last week.

The ECT’s issue with Rick Mueller?  ECT doesn’t believe he’s being completely forthcoming.  Fact is – in that diatribe he wrote – there was NOT ONE WORD about his own personal financial interest in getting this Habitat Housing project approved.

Fact is…most developers the ECT knows are “in it” to make a profit.  ECT has no problem with that business model at all.  Point is if you read Mueller’s comments – it reads like his proposed Habitat land use is no different from unabashed Philanthropy!

So the ECT dug in…in an attempt to understand what Mueller’s personal financial interest might be.

Here’s what we found…

March 13th (now public record) letter from Developer Remonov (Rick Mueller) to Eagle County Housing Director – Ms. Jill Klosterman


Housing Credits?  Indeed, no mention of valuable/monetary “Housing Credits” in Rick Mueller’s letter to the Fishwrap supporting his proposed Habitat Housing project last week….Gee, must have been an oversight on Mr. Mueller’s part.

For a complete copy of Mr. Mueller’s March 22nd 2013 letter (Click Here)

OK – so the ECT believes we have established Mr. Mueller’s financial interest in this proposed project.

So?  So, it would seem these two interests (deserve each other?) since neither side is willing to (at least publically?) admit NIMBY-ism and a desire for Profitability on the part of the Developer – has been admitted to so far…

The ECT will see how this story develops in the next few weeks…


One response

  1. My understanding, after attending the BoCC meeting, is this housing credits (from almost 5 months ago- ) is off the table re the Habitat Track K land donation. You may want to check into that Clayton, unless you were there at the meeting too and I simply misunderstood-which hey, maybe I did. Was a long meeting … long long!

    “Indeed, no mention of valuable/monetary “Housing Credits” in Rick Mueller’s letter to the Fishwrap supporting his proposed Habitat Housing project last week….Gee, must have been an oversight on Mr. Mueller’s part.”

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