Vail Resorts Dumps – Medical Coverage for their Employees

by      why do you think the Fishwrap won’t tell you?

Now just why do you suppose Vail Resorts did this?


If you or someone you know – had a seasonal job with Vail Resorts – next year promises to be different than last year – when it comes to any medical coverage benefit you had from VR.

It’s gone.        (Click Here) to read the entire letter to employees.

It’s obvious isn’t it?  The medical/benefits costs due to the upcoming requirements of Obamacare are making it much more expensive for Corporations to provide their employees with ongoing medical benefits.

But gee…don’t worry folks the so call State “Insurance Exchanges” mentioned in VR’s letter are not completely available as of this writing (14JUL2013)

Obamacare – the Myth exposed


A reasonable question – if Obamacare is REDUCING Medical costs for Corporations (read: employee benefits) – then why is Vail Resorts (and no doubt other Corporations) dropping Medical coverage for their employees?

Obama’s campaign promise?


Indeed, how does a reasonable person keep an Insurance Plan that is being taken away?

The answer is obvious isn’t it?

Here’s what isn’t so obvious…”Gee…I don’t work for VR, so how could this possibly effect me?”

Here’s just one example of how.

Do you (have you ever?) received any medical services from the Vail Hospital (VVMC)?

Consider – will (the majority?) of part-time/seasonal VR employees end up going without medical coverage at least for part of next year – because the so call “insurance exchanges” are not 100% operational?  Will folks be able to afford the increasing costs of private health insurance?

So what happens if any of the (~5000) employees have a ski related injury next year?

The hospital won’t turn folks away.  The hospitals costs go up – and the hospital then passes on their additional costs to the folks who do pay for their own health insurance.

Something like this…remember that $200.00 single aspirin pill you paid for during your brief stay at the hospital last year?  Well this year it’s likely to be $300.00/per pill.  (yes, the ECT knows we’re exaggerating) – to make the point how our local hospital (and no doubt other hospital’s) will recover their additional costs – due to the onset of Obamacare.

Did the ECT mention that your super majority liberal democrat (Obama’s first term 111th Congress – Click Here) has exempted themselves from the Obamacare law/mandate they voted and passed?


This is just the beginning of how Obamacare is and will continue to destroy the greatest Medical care system in the world.

Yes, the ECT knows our former system wasn’t perfect – however it’s much better than what is headed at you and your family today and tomorrow.

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  1. TIME Magazine-
    [Medical providers such as hospitals and physicians] often pass along the cost of treating the uninsured to their insured patients. Its analysis found that families pay, on average, as much as $1,100 extra and individuals $410 extra in health-care premiums each year in order to cover the cost of treatment to uninsured patients who cannot afford to pay their bills …

    […] the report bases its projections on 2005 census data. That means, amid the current economic downturn, that as the number of uninsured Americans rapidly grows, this so-called hidden tax could be much higher than the findings suggest. In December and January alone, as many as 14,000 people per day lost their insurance coverage, the CAP study shows.

    Read more:,8599,1887489,00.html


    New [CO] law requires hospitals to charge lowest rates to uninsured
    April 25, 2012.

    A new bill in Colorado, SB 12-134, has passed both houses and is expected to receive the governor’s signature. It requires Colorado hospitals to help uninsured and people like Swanstrom by automatically billing them at the lowest-negotiated fee for their medical care. People without insurance often pay much higher costs for health care than those with health insurance. Billing discrimination has meant that people who suffer a single health calamity can face a lifetime of financial ruin.

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