Does this seem right to you?

by  – The Administration is protecting who?

This past weekend the Obama Administration revealed knowledge of a specific  Terrorist Threat.


The Obama run State Department – also issued a recent “travel alert” (Click Here) encouraging Americans traveling abroad – to register with their new State Department STEP program – letting the Federal Government know where and when you plan to travel abroad.

Question…why isn’t the Obama Administration releasing the specific information about the terrorist threat they received?  Approximately when?  Specifically where abroad?  So that traveling Americans will at least have some idea – of what part of the world to avoid for the next ~30 days.

Indeed.  Is the Obama Administration genuinely concerned about protecting Americans traveling abroad?

Now for the Contrast…When individuals (that worked for the Government) release specific information about just what the Government is doing – when it comes to (monitoring/tracking/spying?) on any Americans – how does the Obama Administration respond?

Indictments against the people (Snowden/Manning) releasing that Government held information.  That’s how.

Do you know of any Indictments issued against the folks responsible for the Benghazi debacle – where Americans serving abroad – lost their lives?  American lives lost -Fast and Furious?  IRS Scandal?

The ECT folks repeat our opening question – Does this seem right to you?

PS – Here is another recent example of the Federal Government (the FDA in this case) failing to protect the Health of Americans.  (Click Here)


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