Injunction Filed – against Town of Vail

by     the Vail Golfers Friend

If you’re a fan of the Vail Golf Course – you have a big Court day coming up.

Friday, August 16th 2013.  That’s the Court day the Judge (can rule) on the Injunction already filed against the Town of Vail in Eagle County District Court.  (Click Here) to read a copy of the 5 page Motion recently filed.


The Town of Vail has demonstrated their (impatient) desire to move forward with their plans to change the par 5, 18th Hole (photo) into a par 4 to make way for more parking and a larger Golf Course Club House.  The Motion filed by the Plaintiffs (nearby property owners, mostly) – seeks to halt the TOV’s efforts (at least) until several legal issues in play have been resolved at the Courthouse.


From the filed Motion for an Injunction (see below) “Defendants” refers to the Town of Vail.Number-3-New

The ECT folks know that (over the years) there has been no shortage of bad decision/rulings coming out of the Eagle County District Courthouse…and that your odds of predicting Eagle County District Court Rulings are far worse – than your odds predicting outcomes in Las Vegas.

The ECT folks support the Plaintiff’s efforts to resolve these legal issues – BEFORE any actual physical work starts to change the 18th Green as shown in the ECT’s above photo from Sunday, August 3rd 2013.  The ECT thinks Ms. Joni Mitchell would agree with us and the rest of the Vail Golfing community as well!  What do you think?  Leave a Comment!

We all should see how the Judge rules very soon.


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