They Want to Take Away – your Rights

by  Clayton Moore

Actually they want you to “vote away” your TABOR Rights – and at the same time agree to an almost Billion Dollar Colorado Permanent – Income Tax increase.

Their plan to do this is called – “Colorado’s Initiative 22”  Once enough Colorado signatures are submitted (deadline: Monday, August 5th 2013) and certified by the Colorado Secretary of State – your Colorado State wide November 2013 Ballot – will have the (already approved) election verbiage on it.  See below.

Don’t be fooled by the flotsam and jetsam that the proponents of Initiative 22 will throw at you over the next 2 months – what you’ll be voting on – IS THE BALLOT LANGUAGE – not what the proponents want to sell you!  (Click On) the graphic below.


Consider:  Regardless of what “side of a Tax issue” you may be on…NO ONE should be willing nor asked to forfeit their TABOR Rights – to vote on any future Tax Increases.

The power to agree to and pay any future taxes – should remain in the hands of the Colorado Taxpayers, that are expected to pay the bill.  That’s you – Mr. and Mrs. Colorado Voter – thanks to your TABOR Rights.

So who are the big proponents of this so called “Initiative 22”.  The Colorado Teachers Union – as reported by the ECT last week (Click Here) – has already “invested” a quarter of a million dollars (of their memberships dues) to pass this.

And why wouldn’t the Teachers Union do this?

The proposed Income Tax increase is expected to raise $950 Million MORE for Colorado’s Public Schools – AND – allows the State Government (in the future) to take more of your hard earned money – any time in the future that they want.

Is there any guarantee that Colorado Public School “test scores” will improve with all this additional money coming into the system?


So there you have it.  Almost a Billion more for Public School Education.  ZERO accountability for the Teachers Union, and future authority to take more of your hard earned income – anytime they decide they need it – and no requirement to ask Colorado Voters – for their permission.

Time to pay attention Colorado Voters – this “Initiative 22” Ballot language is a Taxpayer disaster.


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