Avon Councilmembers – Reading Skills

by  How much clearer, could it be?

You’re not going to believe this.  Avon Councilmembers have trouble reading their own Town Charter.

At Issue:  Residency requirements for Avon Council members.

The Simple Point:  If you’re going to serve as an elected member of Avon’s Town Council you primary residence must be in the Town of Avon.

Complicated isn’t it?

In 2002 the (then) Avon Town Attorney (John Dunn Esq.) explained this fact from the Avon Town Charter to the Councilmembers at that time.


For a copy of Mr. Dunn’s entire letter to Avon Council (Click Here)

A responsible persons question:  If Avon has (2) Council members that have moved their primary residence outside of Avon (and 30 days has past) what are they doing – still serving on Avon’s elected Council?

Is there any question why after 4+ years of ongoing litigation with Avon Developer Traer Creek – these same Council members (lead by Mayor Rich Carroll) have yet to resolve their taxpayer funded multi-million dollar lawsuit?


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