Grieved Again – District Court Chief Judge – R. Thomas Moorhead

by  Judicial Watch

The Chief Judge of Colorado’s 5th Judicial District (R. Thomas Moorhead) has been “grieved” again.  That’s Eagle County’s Judicial District.

Background:  As is the right of any plaintiff/defendant of any Court proceeding you can “grieve” a Judge after they Rule in any Case they are the Judge of.

In short – and somewhat over simplified – this legal process is a way to have the Colorado Judicial system take a close look at just how a Judge handled a particular case.

Case in Point:  The case of Vehicular Homicide – where criminal defendant (David Perzanowski admitted to killing Lewis Cook III, while Mr. Perzanowski blood alcohol was (0.189)…which is over the legal limit to be convicted of drunk driving.  It was Mr. Perzanowski’s second drunk driving offense…that the ECT knows of.

As ECT readers would expect the ECT took a close look at this case Judge Moorhead presided over.  (Click Here)

In short – Mr. Perzanowski “walked” after Judge Moorhead reviewed his original Ruling which was (the minimum sentence for this conviction).

Ever wonder how/why MADD – Mothers Against Drunk Drivers got their start?  Well now you know at least part of these founding Mothers, motivation…

The family of the victim Lewis Cook III recently Grieved Judge Moorhead for his exceptionally light sentence.

Interested parties – in the Context of understanding just how this Judge rules…you may be interested in the Court Transcript of the Review/Sentencing Hearing – where Judge Moorhead essentially let Mr. Perzanowski “walk”.  (Click Here)

At no time did the family of the victim Lewis Cook III – receive any apology from Mr. Perzanowski.

The ECT question to Judge Moorhead…”what value is a life Judge Moorhead?”

This Judge can’t retire too soon for the ECT folks…

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