Senator Udall – What’s the Answer?

by    Eagle County’s Independent Media

Colorado’s U.S. Senator – Mark Udall was in Eagle County recently – basking under the protection of our local liberal media (the Fishwrap) – who chose to portray Udall’s visit to his financial benefactor (Vail Resorts) and his Eco-Agenda – the new Gypsum Bio-Mass plant – as some sort of victory tour.

Here’s what they’re not telling you about Senator Udall.udahl

Udall is a supporter of Obamacare – he voted for it – which helped bring it to you.

FACTOID:  The ECT folks reported to you recently that Vail Resorts is dropping Medical coverage (benefits) for their Seasonal Employees (Click Here).

Of course the liberal Fishwrap “newspaper” folks – didn’t report any of this to you.

If Obamacare has somehow made it more affordable for companies like Vail Resorts to provide Medical Benefits to their employees – then why would Vail Resorts – drop coverage for their employees, Senator Udall?

What of “the little guy” Senator Udall?  Where, how is he/she suppose to pay for their families Medical Coverage?  From an Obamacare State Insurance Exchange – that doesn’t even exist in Colorado, to date?  At what cost – for what Medical benefits?

Over-all Medical costs are going UP for Colorado’s families, Senator.  Benefits are being lost – yet your fellow Colorado democrats want these same folks to VOTE FOR a permanent Income Tax increase this November 2013 – to support Colorado’s Public Education.  (Click Here)

The ECT folks Senator, would like your explanation of just how lost Medical Benefits (due to Obamacare) and a permanent increase in Income Taxes is going to improve things for Eagle County’s working families.


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