Unacceptable Ethics – Avon Councilmember – Chris Evans

by   it’s not the first time Evans Ethical conduct has been called into question

For those of you following the story of Avon, Colorado’s Council member Chris Evans and his Ethics…the ECT folks will offer this additional video evidence of his conduct.

Circa – January 2006BC-Landing

At that time Chris Evans was serving as the Chairman of Avon’s Planning and Zoning Commission.

And also at that time Chris Evans company (Evans & Chaffee) was also the prime contractor for East West Partners “Beaver Creek Landing” project – located at the “upper end” of the Avon Gondola that runs from today’s Westin in Avon to Beaver Creek Landing.

For their part (circa 2006) East West Partners submitted their proposal to build the Westin in Avon (a.k.a. the Confluence) – to the Town of Avon for review by Avon’s Planning and Zoning committee.  Later (as is the legal process) Evans P&Z vote to approve his customers proposal – would be submitted to Avon’s Town Council for final vote and ultimate approval for a building permit.

The interesting part?  Even if Evans had recused himself (he didn’t) – there were still enough votes on P&Z to approve his customers project – and send it up to Avon’s Town Council for final approval.  Just exactly what was Chris Evans “message” to his customer?

Now just listen to the narrative in this short 1:37 video (Circa 2006) taken at Evans and Chaffee’s “Beaver Creek Landing” while it was under construction.

Need an Approval? Just hire the Chairman of Avon’s P&Z as your General Contractor!

Here is a copy of the 2006 letter that was submitted to the Town of Avon – about Chris Evans conduct in this matter.  (Click Here)

Meanwhile – August 2013 – No longer serving on Avon’s P&Z Chris Evans now serves on Avon’s Town Council.  His most recent Ethical conduct called into question by Laurie Adler and Joe Walker of Avon.  (Click Here) to read their recent letter.

On August 8th 2013 – Chris Evans responded to that letter and sent this email to “Friends and Colleagues” that has been obtained by the ECT.  Below from Chris’s Email…


For a complete copy of that August 8th Email from Mr. Evans (Click Here)

For the Record…the ECT folks are in agreement with Mr. Evans claim that his most recent conduct “WAS NOT” motivated for “Political Reasons”…on the contrary the ECT folks believe Mr. Evans has been very consistent with his actions and just what his real interests are.

Below is a copy of a letter printed in the Daily Fishwrap – Monday, August 12th 2013 from local Eagle County architect – Tab Bonidy.


ECT suggestion to Mr. Bonidy…more caution might be in order when staking your own reputation…

Just exactly “where” has Avon’s Mayor Rich Carroll been on this issue?  Rest assured ECT readers…you’re just aware “of the tip of the iceberg”.

2 responses

  1. I’m approaching the 20 year point of Avon residency. This is just another example of of how our local officials on many levels continues to disappoint. I often wonder where some of these people come. Way too much influence peddling and manipulative, self-serving cronyism on top of mediocre judgment and decision making.

    • Yes, and as Eagle County (sans: Avon) become even more LIBERAL you can expect this level of self-serving corruption to continue.
      ECT doesn’t know what is wrong with local Eagle County architect – Tab Bonity.

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