From the Street

from the Street?   well actually the Golf Course this week

Last Friday, August 16th 2013 was a big day in District Court for the effected property owners around the 18th Green in Vail.  The Judge (Frank Plaut) ruled in favor of the Town of Vail – and did not issue an Injunction (as was requested by the home owners) until the rest of the legal issues of the Vail Golf Course lawsuit could be worked out.


Now for the strange stuff.

Eagle County District Court Judge (Fred Gannett) has and is assigned to this case (2012CV921).

So?  So, for what reason was a new/different Judge assigned for (just?) the hearing on the request for the Homeowners Injunction?  Turns out Judge Gannett is an avid golfer and member of Ironbridge Golf Club.  Was Judge Gannett out playing golf, last Friday?

Just who made that decision to bring in a different Judge, and why?  Under whose legal authority?

Does this seem right to you?

ECT folks were not in the Courtroom for last Friday’s hearing.  However the comments below are from a Vail Golf Course member – who was. 

If any ECT readers have any answers to our above questions – please email the ECT.


One more thing this week!  In matters of concern to Conservatives in other parts of Colorado – such as the John Morse Recall (he’s the head of the Colorado State Senate) we present Dr. David Adams M.D. and his newsletter.  This information is generally not available from any of the major newspapers (Click Here)


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