Junk Journalism – Fishwrap Strikes Again

by      they won’t inform you – however the ECT will

The Fishwrap is misinforming you again.

The ECT folks believe it is done intentionally.  As is done in most liberal media publications today.

Why does the ECT refer to him as “Editor Half the Story”?

Because he is!  Here is your proof.

Here is the only thing Editor ‘Half the Story’ – wants you to know.


OK, fair enough.  Vail Resorts has something like 12,000 Seasonal Jobs – they’re planning to hire for for this coming 2013-14 Ski Season.

So here is what the Fishwrap – obviously DOESN’T WANT YOU TO KNOW!

FACTOID:  Vail Resorts is dropping Medical Benefits for their 12,000 Seasonal Jobs.  Undoubtedly due to the increase costs to Vail Resorts – because of Obamacare.  That’s 12,000 more folks thrown over the transom of Obamacare.

Of course the ECT folks reported this Vail Resorts fact on July 14th – 2013 (Click Here) and included a copy of the letter from Vail Resorts – informing Seasonal Employees of their unilateral decision.

Of course disclosing these documented facts about Vail Resorts – wouldn’t enhance the Fishwrap’s business relationship with a major advertiser, now would it?

So the Fishwrap folks just ignore the facts that are effecting some 12,000 folks and choose not to report the truth nor the complete story to you!

What else are the Fishwrap folks not informing you about?

FACTOID:  All your (2008) Congressional representatives voted FOR Obamacare – they are – U.S. Senators (Bennet and Udall) as well as Congressman Jared Polis.  Colorado Congressional Representative Scott Tipton (name mentioned above) did NOT vote for Obamacare.  In fact NONE of the (2008) Congressional Representatives with an (R) behind their name voted for Obamacare.

Below from NBC News – Monday, August 19th 2013 – Just CLICK ON the image below to read the article…



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