Airport Paid Parking? Fuhgeddaboudit!

by  Clayton Moore

Say What?

A proposal for our Eagle County Airport – to go from FREE to PAID public parking?

Fuhgeddaboudit – Mr. Greg Phillips

Did Mr. Phillips (photo) work for the Obama Administration in (“economic development”) before becoming our Airport’s Aviation Director?  You can reach Mr. Phillips via EMail here    Greg.Phillips  AT     Replace the AT with @ and remove the spaces.

Does Mr. Phillips have any clue about what is going on with his Airport’s current and prospective Customer base today?

Does he not understand that in order to promote more use of our Airport – he needs toGreg-Phillips attract folks?  Not provide incentives to send our Customers else where!

Consider:  Folks who can choose to use our Airport (or not) are today facing large increases in the costs of their Health Care.  Perhaps Mr. Phillips also thinks it would be good to charge more for an Airline ticket in and out of our Airport.

Point 2:  Our Colorado State legislature is proposing a Permanent Income Tax increase (Click Here) to all Colorado citizens – on this November 2013 Ballot question.

Point 3:  Work hours are being cut back (to less than full time) at many small businesses because of the cost of Obamacare.  Job creation is lagging and wages and salaries are stagnant.

Point 4:  Where is all this (extra money for paid parking?) coming from our Airport Customers, Mr. Phillips?

Just Click On graphic image below to read entire story.

Date of Notice below:  22AUG2013     $3 Million in Grants


Date of Notice below:  5JUL2012    $1.8 Million in Grants


Mr. Phillips goes on to explain below his personal understanding of JUST WHO is responsible to pay back our $16 Trillion Dollar Federal Deficit.


One more thing, Mr. Phillips!  Last Week (Click Here) the ECT was pleased to report that our Eagle County Public School District had a BUDGET SURPLUS last year…in spite of the tough National economic conditions outlined above.

Is it possible that the folks running our Public School District – know something that Mr. Phillips – doesn’t know?

Last time the ECT checked – there was plenty of FREE PARKING at our Eagle County Public Schools.  Let’s hope it stays that way!  And at our friendly Eagle County Airport as well.

It is the ECT’s understanding our County Commissioners will have the final say on Paid Parking at our Eagle County Regional Airport (EGE).


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