ECT wanted to know – So we Asked!

by     We Colorado Taxpayers

Last week – our Eagle County, Colorado Public School Board President – Ms. Jeanne McQueeney had this to say about “Initiative 22” the proposed Colorado Permanent Income Tax increase – headed to your November 2013 Ballot.



ECT set themselves to task and emailed our entire School Board (Click Here) and our School District’s Chief Financial Officer Mr. Phil Onofrio so that the ECT folks could better understand “this new Formula” that Ms. McQueeney is referring to.

Background:  The Ballot Issue known as “Initiative 22” is based on the Colorado Senate Bill 213 (it was voted and passed recently).  The Bill is “only” 174 pages long (Click Here) and has the undisputed side effect it’s readers know…that it is guaranteed to cure every known case of human Insomnia ever experienced.

On page 35 of the Bill the ECT believes we have discovered the Colorado State Education “money distribution formula” that Ms. McQueeney (photo below) is referring to.Total-Program-Funding

Simple Enough?

Jeanne-McQueeneyNote:  This wasn’t the only formula we discovered in the Senate Bill.  Other School Funding Formulas are also mentioned in the Bill to calculate some of the “funding variables” that are listed above.

Great.  The Theory of Relativity doesn’t involve this level of complexity.  And that entire Theory is 23 pages long.  (Click Here)

It will come as no surprise to ECT readers that our entire School Board and our CFO has not (after almost a week) responded with any calculations to support Board President McQueeney’s claim above.  What a surprise.albert-einstein

Have each of our School Board members – actually “read” and the 174 pages of Senate Bill 213?  The ECT suggests that if they look unusually “well rested” they probably have tried to read the entire Bill.

So far all the ECT folks can figure…is that whatever the Math Skills exist on our elected School Board…they don’t seem to be sufficient enough to explain a reasonable question from a Taxpayer…”will this Senate Bill 213 and 2013 Ballot (Initiative 22) Language guarantee that Eagle County Public Schools will receive more Annual Funding – than compared to the previous School Funding formula?”

More information coming before the November 2013 – Ballot Question.


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