From the Street

Smilin'-TeakNeed to catch up with Eagle County’s Official “vote counter”?  Well insiders know you can find Teak Simonton (Eagle County’s elected Clerk and Recorder) over at Avon’s new “North Side Café” (a.k.a. Palazzo Pavelich) on Wednesdays and Thursdays during dinner time.

Teak has all the inside information on what’s headed to you on your Eagle County – November 2013 Ballot.  And don’t be surprised if she asks you – if you’ve Registered to receive your Ballot via U.S. Mail.


Teak and her super team of Vote Counters prefer Mail in Ballots because it makes it easier for her team to count – when all the Ballots “don’t have to be counted on the same single election day”.  The Office of Clerk and Recorder can start to count County Ballots a few days before election day – but don’t worry – they cannot and will not (it’s illegal) do ANY “early totaling” of the Ballots as they arrive via U.S. Mail to her office in Eagle.  Vote count “totaling” legally starts after our Polls close 7PM – on election night.

Insiders also know to ask Teak – when you see her – “how is your command of the Italian language, coming Teak?”


Poor Richard!

It was like reading “Dumb vs. Dumber” in last weeks Fishwrap.  Not their Columns but rather the “letters to the editor” ABOUT the Fishwrap columns.  If you don’t like – what they write – stop reading them!

Too Funny.

OK.  ECT will admit it, some of us didn’t read their Columns.  And we just glanced at the letters complaining about the Fishwrap’s Columnists…In the ECT’s view the Fishwrap’s Tuesday Columnist (charm school photo) is about as intellectually stimulating as reading the Daily Kos or perhaps George Soros backed Media Matters – where our Country’s “left wing geniuses” gather together in their collective attempt to reach an I.Q. of 100 by including dozens of their assembled friends.

The ECT folks do appreciate their Columnists (hanging out?) at the local “Charm School” – from what we’ve read of the letters complaining about their Columns – they could use a “little more charm” – however the ECT approves of their choice of Sunglasses!  Perhaps they should stick to writing Fashion Columns in the Fishwrap?

The ECT folks would like to offer our Communities readers an alternative to the Fishwrap’s intellectually starved – left leaning Columnists.

How about reading somebody – who reached the top of Amazon’s #1 Best Seller the firstLiberty-Amendments week his new Book was released.  (Click Here)  Enter Author Mark Levin…the non-fiction best seller is highly researched (our U.S. Constitution) and offers some suggested Amendments to our U.S. Constitution – including an Amendment that requires – the laws that our Congress makes – applies to them as well as us!

Mark’s new Book – The Liberty Amendments also debuts on the New York Times Best Seller list as #1 as well.  (Click Here)

The real difference here – are the guys “who do their homework” before writing vs. the guys “who give you their opinion about doing their homework” while they try to write.

As for the ECT – we’ll stick with our ECT moniker at the top of our weekly newspaper “the ECT is dedicated to informing people who have to think for their living”.

‘nuff said.



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