UPS – Joins Vail Resorts

United Parcel Service announced last week – that they are dropping medical coverage for their Employee’s spouses  – whose spouses qualify for medical coverage elsewhere.

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The ECT reported recently that Vail Resorts is also dropping Medical Coverage for VR’s “seasonal employees”.  (Click Here)

Bottom Line:  The costs associated with implementing Obamacare – strike again!

The ECT as well as Vail Resorts – recognizes the “snowball” effect when we see it.  There is little doubt that Medical costs for Individuals are going up due to Obamacare.  Also, more and more large employers are dropping Medical coverage (like Vail Resorts) due to their increased Insurance costs because of Obamacare.

Who are your elected Representatives who Voted for Obamacare – that is now being implemented?

U.S. Senator – Mark Udall (D)

U.S. Senator – Michael Bennet (D)

U.S. Representative – Jared Polis (D)

FACTOID:  After voting FOR Obamacare – these same elected Congressional Representatives – voted to EXEMPT THEMSELVES from the law that now affects you.

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Stay tuned to the ECT – this Obamacare “snowballing avalanche” of increased Medical costs to individuals is just getting started.

Your turn to pay more for your Healthcare is coming Mr. & Mrs. America – if it hasn’t happened to you  already.


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