News Around Colorado – September 2nd 2013

by  Dr. David Adams, M.D.

This week the ECT welcomes the comments and info from ECT contributor Dr. David Adams, M.D. of Parker, Colorado.  Colorado Highlights below.  For a complete copy of Dr. Dave’s September 1st 2013 newsletter (Click Here)

Here are a few news clips from Dr. Dave,  our local Fishwrap folks would prefer you not know about!

clip_image002Colorado ************************************

DENVER | Advocates of the effort to form a 51st state comprised of rural northern Colorado counties will have to do so without the support of Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper. (Duhhh!)

Polis has been feuding with the oil and gas industry recently, after a neighbor to one of his vacation properties sold their mineral rights to an oil company that began drilling. The Congressman sued to stop the drilling from occurring because he claimed it, among other things, “caus[ed] mental suffering, annoyance and the loss of use and enjoyment of his vacation property.

Initiative 22 (the permanent Income Tax Increase headed to your November 2013 Ballot) – Telephone conversation with the Sec. of State’s Office indicates that because the 5% sample failed to produce enough valid signatures (despite recruiting a high-priced PR firm to get them), the SOS Office is now in the process of examining ALL OF THE SIGNATURES (~60,000). Results expected 9-3-13)

There is nothing more mom and apple pie in Colorado than skiing and water. Everyone loves skiing right? Every politician respects Colorado water law, right? Wrong. … Rep. Scott Tipton of Cortez said U.S. Interior Department officials have seized on a 2012 order called the National Blueways Initiative to usurp private water rights.

Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper Report

Helen Lucero’s family still receives her mail, despite her passing away over a year ago. Junk mail, newsletters, probably even a few bills. But something a little more striking showed up the other day — a voter ID card.

Democrat Pueblo Clerk and Recorder Bo Ortiz has been sending out yellow “voter ID cards” to registered voters in Pueblo County in advance of the recall election of Senator Angela Giron. Hmmmm. Sounds vaguely familiar, doesn’t it. And the Liberals don’t want the voter Registration Database purged? May your fleas have fleas!


clip_image002[4]While Democrats in the state legislature and Governor Hickenlooper are trying to tell Coloradans that the state needs a $1 billion income tax increase, they were quietly burning through nearly $1 million on a new state logo.  Over the summer three very uninspiring finalists were declared, and this week we have a winner.  If you can call it that based on reactions from the state’s citizens. Hello Folks! This “logo” is worth a Million Bucks? Why didn’t they ask me to draft one for them….

A Colorado program designed to help low-income elderly and disabled residents pay their property taxes and heating bills has been underpaying qualified applicantsclip_image004 while paying others who aren’t eligible for the program, according to a new state audit

The program has also flat-out denied benefitsclip_image004[1] to applicants who should have been approved.

Colorado Recall Elections – 9 days & counting

Americans For Prosperity (AFP) has already made an estimated 10,000 personal calls to SD 11 voters urging them to vote to RECALL Colorado Senate majority leader MORSE. (personal communication). If you want to help the PHONE BANK, email Leslie White:

NY Mayor Bloomberg trying to buy Colorado elections.

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