Pot Friendly Colorado – Our Future with the DEA

by    Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong

Everyone knows – California is a “Pot Friendly” State.  Between so called “medical” and “recreational” use of Marijuana the Pot growing business in California has flourished.

Up until now.

Our Centennial State of Colorado – is headed in the same direction and soon the ECT anticipates – Colorado will enjoy the same special relationship between our State and the DEA’s enforcement efforts .


Recall that Marijuana possession is ILLEGAL under Federal Drug Law.

The ECT would like to show you what the DEA has recently been up to – enforcing Federal Drug Law in – California!


(Click Here) for a copy of the DEA’s entire report from above.

A few questions after reviewing Drug Cases prosecuted and won under Federal Drug Law (see below).

How long before the Drug Dealers and Cartels decide California (thanks to the DEA)  has become to Pot “unfriendly” and look to other Pot Friendly States to set up Production?

Are the Drug Dealers and Cartel’s already operating here in Eagle County, Colorado?  (See Ad from the Vail Daily below)

Why would any reasonable elected official pass “laws” that encourage this type of illegal Drug activity in our Eagle County?

From the San Francisco Office of the DEA

1 – July 29th 2013 – Fresno Men Plead Guilty to Shipping Marijuana to Alabama

2 –  July 29th 2013  Fresno Man Sentenced for Growing Marijuana; Others Come to Fresno County for Same Purpose

3 –  July 22nd 2013 – Fresno County Marijuana Prosecution Updates

Pot-Warehouse-Lighted4 – July 19th 2013 –$1,675,000 Forfeited for Operation of Bakersfield Marijuana Stores and Indoor Marijuana Grows

5 –  July 8th 2013 – Marijuana Business Owner Sentenced to 87 Months

6 –  July 1st 2013 – Fresno AG Marijuana Grower Sentenced

7 – May 6th 2013 – Placerville Man Sentenced to 42 Months for Interstate Marijuana Distribution Conspiracy

8 – May 6th 2013 – Fresno County Marijuana Cultivator Pleads Guilty

9 –  April 15th 2013 – Marijuana Trafficker Sentenced to More Than 17 Years in Prison

10 – April 15th 2013 – Fresno, Tulare and Kern Counties’ Marijuana Prosecution Update

11 – March 12th 2013 – Trinity County Man Pleads Guilty to Growing Marijuana on Multiple Properties

12 – March 11th 2013Multi-County Marijuana Prosecutions

13 February 25th 2013 – Bakersfield Warehouse Marijuana Grow Results in Prison Sentences for Two


14 – February 19th 2013 – Alpaugh Marijuana Cultivator Sentenced

15 – February 19th 2013 – Stockton Marijuana Grow Cultivator Convicted of Narcotics and Firearms Charges

16 – February 15th 2013 – Four Indicted for Growing Marijuana Inside Seven Elk Grove and Sacramento Houses

17 – February 14th 2013 – Mendota Marijuana Cultivator Indicted

18 – January 29th 2013 – Bakersfield Marijuana Store Owner Sentenced to Four Years in Prison

19 – January 22nd 2013 – Convictions in Multicounty Marijuana Cases

20 – January 18th 2013 – Partner in Stockton and Sacramento Marijuana Businesses Pleads Guilty

21 – January 9th 2013 – South Lake Tahoe Man Pleads Guilty to Marijuana Trafficking

From the Los Angeles Office of the DEA

1 –   July 22nd 2013 – Owner of Nine Marijuana Stores in Orange and Los Angeles Counties Sentenced to 262 Months for Drug Trafficking and Tax Evasion

2 – April 1st 2013 – Owner of Nine Marijuana Stores in Orange and Los Angeles Counties Pleads Guilty to Drug Trafficking and Tax Evasion Charges

3 –  March 20th 2013 – 10 Linked to Network of Marijuana Grow Houses in California Arrested on Federal Drug Trafficking Charges

The ECT folks can only imagine the EXPRESSION on Eagle County’s Commissioner Sara Fisher’s FACE when the DEA explains to Commissioner Fisher…that she voted to pass a law in Eagle County – that VIOLATES Federal Drug Law!


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  1. Hi ECT;

    Recently I was told by a friend that, while at a Vail valley f.f. restaurant, he observed a group of Forest Service people ‘armed to the hilt’. When asked; ‘why all the guns, they replied there is a lot of drug cartel activity in the mountains of Colorado, and they are scouting for such activity and need to be prepared for the unexpected.’

    Jim Janske

    • Thanks JJ!
      There can be little doubt that the DEA’s enforcement efforts continue in California – the now “pot friendly” state of Colorado can expect some “new tourists” formerly from California interested in year round “farming”. Even the Daily Fishwrap is selling print advertising to local companies that sell “high intensity” lighting for gee…growing things! It’s stunning that our local legislators CAN’T SEE what their actions are doing – in attracting Drug Dealers and Cartel’s to our Community. Stunning. You just can’t cure Stupid.

  2. Yesterday-Denver Post

    […] “We have been told by growers they are leaving California and they’re going to Colorado.”

    … Tom Allman, the sheriff of Mendocino County in California, long a hotbed of illicit marijuana growing, said Colorado should be prepared. He predicted the state’s new marijuana laws would lead to more illegal growers trying their luck in the state.

    “I think they just roll their dice,” Allman said …

    Read more here

  3. There are many DEA/Mexican cartel CO reports, here is just two-
    “International drug cartels infiltrating Colorado’s national forests” – Denver Post

    Authorities have seized nearly 20,000 marijuana plants from national forest land in Colorado this summer, part of an apparent expansion of growing operations funded and run by international drug cartels.

    The bigger farms found this year indicate that well-funded drug cartels have discovered the Rocky Mountains, Skinner [assistant agent in charge of the U.S. Forest Service’s Rocky Mountain Region] said.

    “We don’t know why they have decided to come here,” he said. “This is new for Colorado. We haven’t had time to study the trend” …

    Drug cartels, believed to be based in Mexico, are expanding into national forests to avoid the difficulty of moving marijuana grown in Mexico across the border. To maintain control, they import workers from that nation who spend months living in the forest monitoring the plants, authorities said … The operations pose a significant safety hazard to hikers who may happen upon the armed farmers in the woods. They also threaten streams that can be polluted by chemicals used to grow marijuana …
    * read more http://www.denverpost.com/ci_13212051

    The Washington Times- August 29, 2009

    The Drug Enforcement Administration Friday announced that it found 14,500 marijuana plants growing in a Colorado national park, the latest in a series of such finds in national parks that authorities say are linked to Mexican drug cartels.

    Authorities say they have seen an increase in outdoor marijuana operations run by Mexican drug cartels. In the past several months, federal agents have found nearly $55 million worth of pot plants in national parks and on federal lands in California, Colorado and Idaho …

    Read more http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2009/aug/29/thousands-more-pot-plants-found-in-another-nationa/?page=all

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