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ECT thinks perhaps it’s time for an IRS non-profit Audit.


We get a much more frequent discussion about Religion from the self avowed Fishwrap Atheist Richard Carnes than our (make believe?) Fishwrap minister – Rev. Dr. Jack R. Van Ens.   Say… Has anyone ever seen this alleged preacher talk or  write about anything other than Politics?End-Of-Ens  Ever?

Did this “minister” teach a English Literature at Michigan State University before being published in Fishwrap?  Oh yeah…that MSU professor (William Penn) was removed from all his teaching assignments last week after Penn’s Political Rant in his MSE (English Lit.) classroom (Click Here)  ECT wondering if Rev. Jack knows Professor Penn…

How does this Minister maintain his non-profit status?  If he wants to be a politico, no problem, just stop masquerading as some sort of Christian preacher – with an alleged tax exempt non-profit in tow.  Now check this out…

At the ECT we pride ourselves on our ability to “research online”.  Take a look at what we just found about Rev. Dr. Jack R. Van Ens…non-profit “Creative Growth Ministries”.


And there’s more about Reverend Jack’s “non-profit”.  Why are the Fishwrap folks obviously printing every Sunday…(top graphic) false/inaccurate information about Jack Ens’s Creative Growth Ministries, non-profit?  (Click On graphic below)


Faithful ECT readers know – there’s nothing unusual about the Fishwrap printing false and misleading information…the question is…will the Fishwrap folks correct their error before next week’s left-wing political rant by the Rev. Jack Van Ens?

DISCLAIMER:  ECT has no issue with any folks exercising their 1st Amendment Rights.  We just prefer they don’t do it – with a defunct non-profit in print, in tow.


3 responses

  1. If any mainstream Christian Religion preached politics as much as Jack VanEns they would lose their nonprofit status!

  2. About time someone exposed Van Ens for what he really does. Thanks!! Tired of a far left liberal masquerading as a minister – he should seek counseling for his hate. Still haven’t heard much of God’s word from him after all these years – just his dislike of all things conservative and using God to justify himself. Only the Daily would keep him on their pages – when they can find space between their ads that is. Pretty slick Van Ens can have a tax exempt platform to rail against conservatives – bet the IRS won’t look into his status. While the Christian religion is no longer protected in this country his anti conservative views certainly will be.

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