Target Practice? Colorado Style

by  Clayton Moore

Is Colorado leading our Nation with new Laws that violate existing Federal Laws?  Some folks think so.

Consider – Colorado’s 2013 legislative session brought the State new Laws – that Violate – Federal Drug Law…at least as far as Marijuana goes…

Now a small Colorado Town (55 miles east of Denver) called “Deer Trail” (pop. 500) is proposing a new Ordinance that would allow Licensed folks to Hunt (actually legally shoot down in Colorado) Surveillance Drones – Just like the one below!  (Click Here)  This Drone was discovered at this years Wings and Wheels show at the Eagle County Airport – this past weekend.


Now here come the Feds…”The Federal Aviation Administration issued a stern warning that it’s against Federal Law to shoot down unmanned drones. “Shooting at a [federal] unmanned aircraft could result in criminal or civil liability,” the agency warned this week.”  (Click Here)

Indeed.  Just were are the Feds when it comes to new Colorado Laws – that violate – their own Federal Drug Laws?   Or do the Feds just enforce whatever laws their liberal (Obama/Holder) agenda agrees with?

Let’s test that theory, OK?  How about this idea…in the otherwise Conservative States of Texas and Oklahoma – start handing out “federal drone hunting licenses” in those States.  Then let’s have some competition…We’ll start naming the Federal Drones….say, how about a few Drones named “Roe v. Wade”.  The ECT can think of a few folks that would be delighted to shoot down that Federal Law (er..Federal Drone) in fact the ECT can picture some folks happy to stand in line for hours for a chance to shoot at a Drone by that name…you get the idea now don’t you?  Now that some laws (Federal vs. State) mean little compared to somebody’s (Colorado Marijuana agenda?) – the ECT says let the new “10th Amendment Law Games” begin…


And Speaking of Looking Up in Colorado!!



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