Wings and Wheels 2013 – The Jet Center at Eagle County Airport

by  the fans of Patty Wagstaff

Another successful year of our Jet Center’s “Wings and Wheels” at the Eagle County Airport.  The ECT folks were happy to attend this year because…well..Public Parking at our Eagle County Airport  is still FREE!  (Click Here – for the ECT’s earlier story about Parking at our Airport.

Insiders Report:  The ECT folks – found the guy at the WaW show that had access to the FAA report…recall from a few weeks ago.  Remember the Private Airplane Crash at our Eagle County Airport?  The small prop driven plane “crash landed” Patty-Wagstaffshort of the Runway….  Well…the FAA investigation revealed that the Pilot (on final approach) didn’t check his aircraft’s two fuel tanks…one tank was empty, the other practically full.  Pilots will tell you this (check) is part of a pilots normal approach/landing checklist.   The pilot claimed that “he lost power” on his final that resulted in him landing short.  He apparently did – his engine ran out of fuel…Ooops..

Here are a few of  the ECT’s favorite photos from that Air show!


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