U.S. Constitution (1) – John Morse and Angela Giron (0)

by    the fans of Phil Robertson    Happy, Happy, Happy 

These two “gun-grabbin” Colorado democrats –  are FIRED!

Last night (10SEPT2013) the Recall Election votes were tallied and these two (now former) members of Colorado’s State Legislature – were fired and replaced!  John Morse (D) was the majority leader in the Colorado State Senate this past legislative session.  His legislative (anti-2nd Amendment) agenda is what sparked the Recall election by the Citizens of his Colorado Springs based election district.

(photo credit and story – Denver Post)  Click on graphic below for the DP story)


This Colorado Springs based Recall Election was organized and called by the Colorado Citizens (via Petition to Colorado’s Secretary of State) that didn’t care for John Morse and Angela Giron legislation they passed (and Gov. Hickenlooper (D) signed into law) last year – restricting their 2nd Amendment Rights!



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