From the Street

by  Clayton Moore

Our local Daily Fishwrap folks did their best to “un-inform” you last week.

Now thanks to the ECT folks you can catch up quickly!

Last Tuesday – 10SEPT2013, Colorado Springs – Two liberal Colorado Statehouse democrats lost their seats – after the Recall Election replaced them.  The Recall Election inspired by the Colorado “gun-grabbing” legislation these two help pass.

Meanwhile…right after that Recall, here is Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper “nervously” defending the fact he signed that Gun Control Bill into Law…(hat tip – Washington Examiner and Denver Post video)  Just click on video web link below.

(Gov. Hickenlooper (video) comments on his political future)

ITEM 2: Washington, D.C. –  The Fed’s “Consumer Financial Protection Bureau” is trying to move their Credit Card Monitoring program forward.  CFPB Director (Richard Cordray) testified in front of Congress last week (Click Here)

Today, we all have some idea of what our NSA monitors, don’t we?Syria

Why do you think the Fed’s are interested in monitoring your personal and business – credit card transactions?

With ~16,000 new IRS agents (thanks to Obamacare) can you image what an IRS Audit might be like…when the IRS lays out all your credit card transactions and maps that to your reported income and expenses?  Don’t think this could/will happen?  Think again.

ITEM 3:  The Colorado Chamber of Commerce recently came out AGAINST the proposed Colorado Permanent Income Tax increase known as “Initiative 22 – on your Ballot now known officially as Amendment 66.  (Click Here)  Their main issue with that Ballot issue is that the “Measure will Discriminate Against Small Businesses”.

ITEM 4:  Underwater Home Mortgages…last week 10SEPT2013 – RICHMOND, Calif. — A San Francisco Bay Area city council voted Wednesday to try to expand a first-in-the-nation plan to use its power of eminent domain to seize hundreds of mortgages that exceed the value of homes.  (Click Here)

ECT Comment:  This is a very dangerous proposal by a very liberal California City Council.  Home Mortgage Lenders will be watching (fighting?) this plan in the Courts (for years most likely).  Should this City Council prevail at all levels in the Court system – this action will unquestionably make Home Mortgages more expensive for EVERYONE, since lenders will perceive additional risk – when lending money during a struggling economy.  Our Country already has a legal process for dealing with “underwater” mortgages…it’s called the Foreclosure process and has been in place for decades.  It works, as unpleasant as it is to go through it…

ITEM 5:  For some strange reason the ECT thought of the nepharious activities of the Avon Town Council…when reading this.

(Hat-Tip – UT San Diego, Ca. newspaper)  Carlsbad Unified School District Board member Ms. Kelli Moors (photo) voted (24JUL2013) in her elected School Board capacity to approve aKelli-Moors $100,000.00 contract with the law firm of Fagen Friedman & Fulfrost LLC.  (Click Here)

Shortly after that vote Ms. Moors was hired (5AUG2013) by by that same law firm.

The School Board then voted (4-0) to cancel it’s contract with that Law Firm, who has done business with the School District since 2006.

ECT Comment:  Why didn’t this “ding-bat” of a School Board member simply RECUSE herself from that July 24th vote, sighting a possible conflict of interest?

Where does Ms. Moors think she was voting?  With members of the Avon, Colorado Town Council?

Is this where YOUR hard earned Advertising Dollar is being Neglected?

Time to re-Think where you’re spending your Advertising money?


Dateline:  Vail Village – Okt0berFest, Sunday, September 15th 2013 – Middle Afternoon – note the wet sidewalk.  ECT suggests it’s time to re-Think where your Advertising efforts are best spent.  Your Real Estate Ad?  It’s tough enough in today’s market without having money spent – where nobody can be bothered to pick up the Fishwrap where your Advertising dollar is spent…

Time to wake up Folks!





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