Vail Golf Course – D9 Time!

by   Credit Where Credit is Due!

The ECT wanted give credit to the special members of the Vail Town Council – who have worked so hard to make radical changes to the Vail Golf Course – 18th Hole.

A clear victory of “agenda” over “common sense”.


Sighting “concerns for safety” these accomplished elected pretenders have even convinced a District Court (substitute?) Judge (Frank Plaut) – their Golfer safety concerns are at the center of their efforts.


Consider the number of Vail Golf Course injuries over the years vs. the number of Skier related injuries that happen every ski season on Vail Mountain.

Are Golf related injuries more serious and numerous than Skier related injuries – year to year?  Perhaps these Council pretenders will next propose they use the D9 Bulldozer (photo) and transform Vail Mountain into a “green runs only” ski resort – sighting their “additional concerns for safety”.

What Vail Citizens can do about it!

If your primary residence is in Vail and care about your Community and documented Private Property Rights of Vail Homeowners –

Head over the Town of Vail Municipal Building see the Vail Town Clerk (Lorelei Donaldson 970.479.2136) and “pull a petition” to run for Vail Town Council this November 2013.

It’s up to you.  Time to get busy.  A good campaign costs a lot less than a lawsuit!



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