What’s up with this Weather?

by   fans of our first Frost

OK.  What’s driving this wet Weather we’ve experienced for the last few weeks?

Well, the ECT can show you the “what” but we don’t know the “why”.

Colorado Weather (and a good deal of the West Coast) is being influenced by below.

It’s the big picture.  And it’s animated (full motion video).  Just (Click Here) or click on the graphic below – it uses Adobe Flash so use your PC or Mac (not your iPhone or iPad)


There a very large ridge of warm ocean water off the Baja Coast.  IT’S BEEN THERE FOR WEEKS!  ECT folks been watching this for months.

Bottom Line:  Don’t expect much change with our wet Weather until this ocean water (heat mass?) shrinks or moves a bit.  Buy this time (mid-September) we’ve usually experienced our first fall cold front passing through…not this year and the ECT folks still wondering when that cold front might happen…

Below is a photo we took last year at this time, (16SEPT2012) that shows how far along some of our mid-valley Aspens have changed.  Not this year, at this time.


Also in the Weather News this month (Sept. 2013) is the photograph of the current state of our Polar Ice Sheet – last year vs. this year.  It’s from the UK’s DailyMail web site (Click Here) or on the Graphic below.  Man made Global Warming, huh?



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