Avon – Town of Turmoil – that used to have a Lake

by  Clayton Moore

Avon’s Current Town Council wants Avon voters this November 2013 to approve additional long term Bond Debt.  Their 2013 Ballot Language insists a “maximum repayment cost of up to $22.6 Million dollars ($22,685,936.00 to be exact)  If voters approve – their Avon Mill Levy (against real property) will be increased from the current 11.983Mills (for the next 20 to 30 years!) to fund the expansion of the Avon Rec center…according to the Avon Press Release issued Friday, September 6th 2013.  Not to mention Avon’s 2% Real Estate Transfer Tax applied to all Real Estate transactions in Avon.


Avon Voters would be very wise to consider the TRACK RECORD of their Avon Town Council – currently holding office.  Can this Council be TRUSTED to do what they tell you they are going to do?


Consider:  Avon’s Council currently (22SEPT2013) has two serving Council members that do not have their primary residence in the town of Avon.  Avon’s Municipal code CLEARLY states your primary residence must be in the town of Avon – in order to serve on Council.

2 – The 5+ year long lawsuit with Avon developer Traer Creek continues to devour Avon Tax Dollars (now near $3 Million in total legal fees)  This Council still has not (22SEPT2013) settled this lawsuit.

3 –  As part of the Traer Creek “proposed lawsuit settlement” an additional 0.75% Tax (the lawyers call it a “Fee”) to all purchases in Avon at the Wal~Mart and Home Depot shall be applied.

4 –  Allegations continue that 2 current members of the Avon Council have not recused themselves on votes that involve the financial interests of companies that these two members – work for…

Seriously – can reasonable Avon voters “trust” this current Town Council – based on their track record to put the interests of Citizens of Avon, first?


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