EFEC crosses Eagle County Taxpayer’s – Red Line?

by Clayton Moore

ECT contributors attended last Wednesday’s (18SEPT2013) public meeting held by EFEC at Homestake Peak School in Eagle Vail.

The Pro New-Tax proponents of EFEC and others gathered to discuss and promoteEFEC-Johnston Amendment 66 – Colorado’s proposed permanent Income Tax increase ballot issue for November 5th 2013.

Leading the discussion at the meeting last Wednesday was Colorado State Senator – Mike Johnston (D) co-Author of the new Senate Bill 213 that has the 13 pages of ultra-complicated school funding formulas.  (Click Here)

Eagle County Superintendent – Jason Glass (left)

Co-Founder of Great Education Colorado – Ms. Lisa Weil (center – a very nice lady)

Here is the ECT Report of what we learned listening at this meeting.

1 – Judging from the questions asked – it was immediately clear that the majority of the folks in attendance – had NOT yet read the specific Amendment 66 Ballot Language.  Ditto for reading Senator Johnston’s 174 page long Senate Bill 213.  ECT wondering how any reasonable person could (support/not support?) raising Taxes –if you haven’t read the Ballot language.

Crossing-Red-Line2 – Myth:  New Taxes “are for Educating the kids”.  This is not entirely true.  Families of children who attend Private, Parochial, or are home schooled – their kids education dollars are NOT targeted for additional funding.  Why are Colorado families that believe in “school choice” being targeted for additional Taxation…with zero benefit to them?  Curious isn’t it – that children who don’t attend Public Schools are being (discriminated?) against with a permanent Tax increase for education that does not include them…even though their families will be required to pay additional Income Taxes if this Ballot issue passes.  Of course if Colorado had a School Voucher program – like other States do  – no children could be discriminated against, now could they?

3 – The Tax-paying formula.  Ms. Lisa Weil admitted to one ECT contributor that Colorado Counties (that are perceived wealthier than others – Aspen/Pitken, Jefferson County, Eagle County et al) will likely see more Taxes leaving their County than later being returned to that County’s Public School Districts based on the complicated 13 pages of “redistribution formula” contained in Johnston’s Senate Bill 213.

4 – Eagle County’s (new)  School District Superintendent – Jason Glass was congratulated by ECT folks on his return to Eagle County – and the FACT that our EC School District has a BUDGET SURPLUS for this year (Click Here).  This School BUDGET FACT was not reported in the Daily Fishwrap.  Why Not?  Keep in mind that our School Budget Surplus – came at a time of (lower) Eagle County property tax valuations – which many at EFEC and the School District claim – is insufficient funding for today’s EC public schools…

The Denver Post had this to say last week, about the “pro-Amendment 66” group “Colorado Commits to Kids…(Click ON the graphic below to read the entire DP story)


Stay tuned – Eagle County Taxpayers – this discussion of new Taxes is only getting started!


2 responses

  1. Fancy that-the poll claims touted by pro Amendment 66 folks sure don’t match the other released PUBLIC poll 9 News obtained-now opponents are demanding the Senator Mike Johnson RELEASE publicly his PRIVATE poll the senator has claimed show such high voter support for a forever tax with no voter voice ever again on this taxation!

    Snips here-read full story at http://www.9news.com/news/article/356595/188/Opposition-poll-shows-weak-support-for-education-tax-hike
    “Opposition poll shows weak support for education tax hike”
    5:13 PM, Sep 23, 2013

    * […] public poll contradicts the claims of State Sen. Michael Johnston, architect of the education funding proposal …

    * Opposition increased to 52% and support remained at 38% when the ballot question was explained thusly: “As you may know, if passed Amendment 66 will increase the individual state income tax rate on all Coloradans. If an individual’s annual income is 75 thousand dollars or less their state income tax rate increases from 4.63% to 5%. If an individual’s annual income is more than 75 thousand dollars their state income tax rate increases from 4.63% to 5.9%. Knowing this information, do you support or oppose Amendment 66?”

    * “[The numbers] tell me this won’t pass,” former Republican state Senator Norma Anderson said. “You have the 52% that’s just talking about the tax, that is against it. If I don’t start with 55-56% in favor, I’m losing.”

    * Opponents of Amendment 66 have called on Sen. Johnston to release the private polling that reportedly shows more than half of Coloradans in support of the tax increase …

  2. Grand Junction news re Amendment 66 and their 7 school board candidates- (“No, no, no, no, no, no and; No response”)

    Tax hike plan for schools graded poorly by candidates
    Six of the seven candidates for District 51 School Board seats this fall agree they are not in favor of Amendment 66. The seventh candidate, District C’s Lonnie White, did not respond to calls for comment for this article …


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