ECT has the County Taxpayers – back covered

by  CM

We all know local Eagle County Taxpayers can’t depend on the Daily Fishwrap to tell you what is really going on.

Here’s what you need to know about the November Tax Questions that will be on your November 5th (U.S. Mail in Ballot only) for this election.

ECT folks have compiled the Legal TABOR notices for all the Tax issues and ballot questions for you.  Here are the respective November 5th 2013 Tax Questions.Red-Cliff

Red Cliff –   The most financially broke Town (they are) in Eagle County – is proposing an ADDITIONAL Tax on Marijuana sold in Pot Shop stores in their Town.  This new Red Cliff Tax, would be in ADDITION to what the State of Colorado wants to Tax Marijuana shops.  Brilliant.  Anybody want to drive to Red Cliff so we can pay more Taxes than what (the majority) of the rest of Eagle County charges.

(Click Here) to download a copy of the Red Cliff specific TABOR Notice, registered Red Cliff voters will be receiving in the U.S. Mail.

Avon – Their City Council wants to extend Avon’s Bond Debt (just when you thought you had it paid off)  their Ballot language insist – it will cost no more than $22,685,936.00 to pay this additional off.  Can you trust this City Council. NO!AVon-Lake  Members of this Council won’t even acknowledge they need to live in Avon (their mini code requires it) to serve on Avon’s Council.  ~$3Million of Avon Tax Dollars committed to a Lawsuit that still hasn’t settled.  Avon voters would have to be brain-dead (or just uninformed because they only read the Fishwrap) to allow these Councilmembers to extend the Tax Lien that is currently on Avon Property.  The current condition of “Avon’s Lake” (photo) due to their City Council.

(Click Here) to download a copy of the Avon specific TABOR Notice, registered Avon voters will be receiving in the U.S. Mail.

Eagle – now Eagle County undeclared race to have the highest Taxed retail Marijuana Stores – The Town of Eagle is proposing a new Pot Shop tax almost exactly like Red Cliff’s.

ECT Comment:  “Stupid is…as Stupid does.  Even Forest can figure this one out.  ECT recommend Eagle finish construction of their I-70 Round-a-bouts before causing anymore unneeded disruptions to their Town.

(Click Here) to download a copy of the Eagle specific TABOR Notice, registered Eagle voters will be receiving in the U.S. Mail.

Gypsum –   The Towns Fire District wants a temporary Property Tax increase.  Forget it.  The obvious answer is to legally “remove the Gypsum Fire Projection District” and incorporate it/move it into and under the control of the Town of Gypsum.  The Town of Gypsum has plenty of money and a preponderance of positive cash flow from their Costco and the County’s Airport that is inside the Town of Gypsum.  It’s time to consolidate Government functions and not force Taxpayers to pay for somebody’s “Fire District Empire.”   Time to wake up Gypsum voters.

(Click Here) to download a copy of the Gypsum specific TABOR Notice, registered Gypsum voters will be receiving in the U.S. Mail.

Basalt.  ECT recommend the Town(s) of Basalt and El Jebel stop trying to increase their Taxes and instead vote to “Succeed” from Eagle County.  Their entire local economy is based on what happens inside the Roaring Fork Valley (Pitkin and Garfield) Counties.  Not in what happens in Eagle County.

(Click Here) to download a copy of the Basalt specific TABOR Notice, registered Basalt voters will be receiving in the U.S. Mail.


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