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What Next?

Office-DepotAvon’s City Council trying to raise (perpetuate actually) more Property Taxes against all Avon Property owners this election – November 5th 2013.  Vote No.

What their Council should be doing is working to prevent any more large sales tax generating Retailers from leaving Avon.

The News?  Avon’s Office Depot – will be GONE by the first of the year – 2014.  Another vacant store front in a town weary of never ending Lawsuits.  Of course Avon’s City Council and the Daily Fishwrap folks – the last to know what is going on in their own Town…and too busy the ECT folks surmise with the Fishwrap’s endless “corrections” printed on page one of their paper.  Last week had a boat load of page 1 corrections.

Speaking of Lawsuits…A new one was filed in Eagle County District Court last week by the Beaver Creek Property Owners Association.

The Good News?  It doesn’t have anything to do with Golf Courses.

The dumb news?  Beaver Creek homeowners filed it in Eagle District Court – against Defendant Vail Resorts.

Long time Eagle County Courthouse watchers all know – what apparently no one inAmendment-66-poll Beaver Creek knows…

“The Playing Field isn’t LEVEL” – when it comes to the interests of Vail Resorts vs. anyone at the Eagle County District Courthouse.

What’s new?  You can now add the Town of Vail on the side of (special legal advantage?) at the Eagle County District Courthouse too.

BCPOA is being represented by Johnson & Repucci LLP of Boulder.  This J&R law firm won a Judgment against the Town of Avon (in Eagle District) a few years ago – proving that the Avon Town Council (at that time) had violated their own Municipal Code.  Some things never change in Avon.

Beaver Creek’s Greystone (Home Owners Association) is being represented by Moye/White LLP of Denver in the same litigation.

The gist of the BC Property Owners complaint?  They don’t care for what Vail Resorts has planned to develop summertime resort activities near their homes.

Good luck with that at the Eagle District Courthouse.

Finally this week – the Amendment 66 “Poll” from Glenwood Springs – online ‘Post Independent (click on the inset).  This November 2013 Ballot issue – is a Colorado State wide issue to permanently raise your Income Taxes.

According to 1,465 Post Independent online readers…they DON’T seem to think this new Income Tax is a very good idea!  (Click Here) to take their recent online Poll.


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