New Eagle County – Pot Shops – Affecting your Property Values?

by  Buddy Sims and Barbara Allen

For a complete copy of our letter to Eagle County, please (Click Here)

Background:  On October 29th 2013 – the Eagle County Board of County Commissionersmoney-weed “may” approve a new (LUR – land use regulation).  LUR-4476 to be precise.  This new LUR allows for the existence of “Retail Marijuana Establishments” in unincorporated Eagle County (Eagle-Vail, Edwards, Dotsero & El Jebel)

Keep in mind possession, cultivation and the selling of Marijuana is still 100% illegal under Federal Drug Law.

Will vacation/tourist families be as anxious to visit/ski or perhaps own property in Eagle County – knowing their property may be located close to a Pot Shop?

Will you feel as secure skiing/driving this year – knowing that the increased availability of Pot in Eagle County will certainly NOT make our roads and ski slopes any safer?

What kind of message do these County Commissioners think they are sending to our young children in Eagle County Schools?


What can a Reasonable Person do about this?

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3 responses

  1. Vail and Avon Town Councils have not approved pot so the tourists will have to drive to Eagle-Vail or Edwards to legally buy or smoke their marijuana at Social Clubs not yet opened. Many of these tourists do not speak fluent English. Will they be aware of our state’s new “Marijuana Driving Open Container Law ” or our “DUID” 5 nanogram maximum limit of marijuana THC in their blood test? Will tourists know it is a Federal Schedule I Illegal substance when they go through TSA screening at our airports? I believe our summer and winter tourist industry is about to change in an unsafe and wrong direction as most of us did not move to this Valley to support a pot industry. Very soon our world class resort will be known throughout the world as a Rocky Mt. High Pot Destinations.

    Show me the revenue is the State and County approach to adding retail marijuana establishments to our neighborhoods – Retail Shops; Cultivation, Products, and Testing Facilities; and Social Clubs. Our families and kids are not a consideration. The BoCC is putting the marijuana industry’s interests ahead of Eagle County taxpayers especially by allowing them to be 200 ft. from our schools, parks, and homes. After Oct 29th, it will be too late for Eagle County, and the new odor of pot will swirl in our Valley. Outside drug monies will buy up spaces that are already close to failing and the new pot businesses will flourish. Once the gate is opened, the drug dealers will take over this Valley. Act before Oct 29th or accept the reality of the new world of pot is coming to you neighborhoods!

    • So let me get this striaght…pot is going to bring us more tax revenue even while we give “ag” status to pot cultivation. Boy I can’t wait to get my property changed from “RES” to “AG”!

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