Obamacare vs. Colorado’s Ballot question Amendment 66

by  Clayton Moore

What the heck does Obamacare have to do with your November 5th 2013 Ballot?


Colorado State voters will be asked this November to consider a Permanent Income Tax increase known as Amendment 66.  Can your family and business afford it?

Before deciding yes/no on that proposed Tax increase – ECT recommends you visit (online – Click Here) the new Obamacare Colorado Insurance Exchange.

It’s easy Just click on “Find A Plan” once on that web page.  All you have to disclose is your Age/ZipCode/YearOfBirth to get a quote.  Yeah, they want to know if you smoke (tobacco) too.

You’d be wise to get an idea of what your future Health Insurance costs are likely to be now that these Obamacare Insurance Exchanges have opened online starting October 1st 2013.

The ECT thinks you’ll be shocked to learn what many of you all will be paying in the future (per month) for the same or worse Medical care benefits.  Below, a quote for one 40 year old, that lives in Edwards, non-smoker.  Note the magnitude of the “deductible”.


Below a monthly quote for one 50 year old person , Edwards, non-smoker… with a $5,000 deductible.

Note:  A Colorado voter has no direct control over his/her Medical Insurance costs…however you do have control over increasing your Income Taxes by your vote this November.

ECT recommends you “think twice” before agreeing to a permanent income tax increase.



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