From the Street

by Clayton Moore

Obama’s lethargic economy and Eagle County Taxpayers…

Property Owners in Eagle County are still struggling – to pay their annual Property Taxes.  Last week Eagle County Treasurer (Karen Sheaffer) published her annual list of mostly local folks currently delinquent on their Property Taxes.

It’s 5 pages long with very,very small print (Click Here) to read the Taxpayers names…


Also each year Treasurer Sheaffer has her Annual ‘Tax Sale’ where you can volunteer to pay the Property Taxes due of another individual/Trust/Corporation – and in return receive a very high interest “accounts receivable” from that delinquent Taxpayer.  Don’t worry – that legal obligation is attached to the property (not to the taxpayer) so eventually you get paid (plus interest better than any bank) before the County will allow the property to be sold and title – legally changing hands….

Avon Property Taxpayers – Your Town Council cannot be trusted!

The ECT folks believe Avon voters should judge their current City Council – not by their “intensions” but rather by “their record”.

The Council’s November Ballot question an additional ($22Million in long term bond debt) – paid for by an additional Tax Lien against your Avon Property?  Look at the ONGOING Avon mess these folks have created….Note the Dates on the Photos…Anybody have any idea when this multi-year Avon Lake mess will be cleaned up?

Vote “NO” against any new Taxes in Avon!





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