Photoshop and Local Litigation

Now this obvious Photoshopped photo from the Beaver Creek Property Owners litigation effort – impresses the ECT folks.

The BCPOA (lawsuit) effort aimed at stopping Vail Resorts plan to put in (what BC residents call) a Roller Coaster at the base of Beaver Creek Mountain.

Really excellent PhotoShop work – if ever the ECT saw it!   Just click on their photo to enlarge it.


What the ECT folks can show you (no Photoshop) is that the Vail Resorts folks are willing to make large financial investments to increase the amount of summertime revenue their Resort Mountains generate…

Here is your proof…

Vail Mountain.  Top of the Lionshead Gondola – Sept 2013.  The general mountain top area known as “Adventure Ridge”.  This is the bottom of their new Adventure Ridge “Zip Line”.  It’s huge.


Also this photo below from Vail’s – Adventure Ridge as well.  Notice in the background the winter/summer contraptions that Vail Resorts has assembled to separate a Tourist from his/her hard earned money…


If you believe that Vail Resorts is not serious about making more money at Beaver Creek – in the summer – thank again.

Round 1 of this litigation is teed up (read: currently on file) at Eagle District Court…

To learn more about the BCPOA opposition to the proposed Roller coaster/Amusement Park  (Click Here) – it’s from the BCPOA.


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