Amendment 66 – Taxation with Discrimination

by  Clayton Moore

Imagine a new proposed November 2013 Tax Increase – that is designed to Discriminate against some Colorado School Children.

FACT:  This is EXACTLY what Colorado’s Ballot Issue – Amendment 66 is.

PROOF:  While Amendment 66 (if it passes) will permanently increase every Colorado wage earners – Income Tax…it only distributes that new revenue to just some (not all) of Colorado’s School Children!

Know This Parents:  If you exercise your right as a Parent to send your children toVMS Parochial, Private or Home School – NONE of that new Colorado State Revenue will be sent to your Childs School!  You Parents, and your children are being Discriminated Against – the additional Revenue you’re being asked to pay for will only be made available to Public Schools.  Is this fair, parents?  Taxpayers?

This FACT is something never mentioned in the Fishwrap letters of “moms” wanting you to support their permanent Income Tax increase – known as Amendment 66.

Time to wake up Moms and Dads…

When you read “Colorado Commits to Kids”  what they are really saying is “Colorado’s Tax proposal – Discriminates against some Kids”.

Don’t be fooled.  The ECT folks aren’t.

FACT #2:  Did you know that Eagle County Public Schools are currently running a Budget Surplus? Proof?  OK…(Click Here)

Why is the Daily Fishwrap covering up these FACTS from Eagle County Voters?



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