Avon’s New–2013 “Sales Tax”

by Clayton Moore

FACT:  Avon’s Town Council calls it a “FEE”, the ECT calls it a new “TAX”.

Why did the lawyers on BOTH sides of the (Avon & Traer Creek) Lawsuit call it a “FEE” in their proposed Settlement Agreement?

Answer:  Because if their collective “settlement agreement” legal documents had called it a new “TAX” – instead of a new “FEE” the legal requirement (would be invoked) that requires Avon voters to approve of this new TAX – under Colorado’s TABOR law!

So – once again the current Avon City County Council “stuck it to” the Avon Taxpayers and any Wal~Mart/Home Depot shopper – once their Settlement Agreement is finalized by (1NOV2013? –  see below).

Every wonder why the Daily Fishwrap “newspaper” won’t inform Avon voters about these facts – just before an election involving Taxation?

Below is from a recent Town of Avon – Press Release “explaining” what folks who choose to shop at Avon’s “Wal~Mart & Home Depot” will experience at the check out once the Avon-Traer Creek Settlement Agreement is finalized….


FACT:  The total Sales Tax (including the new “Fee”) you’ll pay in Avon (while shopping at the Wal~Mart, Home Depot and businesses in the Traer Creek Plaza – photo below) is now just barely under 10% of your purchase price.


Avon Voters:  Your current City Council cannot be trusted.  Your current City Council deliberately “side-stepped” TABOR in order to take more of your hard-earned money away from you.

Avon Voters:  Vote NO on Avon’s Ballot issue 2A!  DO NOT VOTE to give these Avon Councilmembers any more of your hard earned money – on your November 5th 2013 Ballot!


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