Humor – Eagle County Voters, Cheering!

Humor – Just Arrived with your Eagle County Mail in Ballot this week?

Your official “Obamacare Enrollment Packet” – has Arrived!


(Side Note:  can you identify all the Eagle County political activists in this photo?)

These Eagle County ladies just received their Obamacare Enrollment Packet from the Federal Government which allegedly includes:

An Aspirin and a Band-Aid.

An ‘Obama Hope & Change’ bumper sticker

Government provided Contraceptive – with a note that apologies for the Obamacare web site – you still can’t log on to.

A ‘Blame Republicans first, then anybody and everybody’ poster

A ‘Tax the Rich’ banner

A Democrat voter registration card insisting it must be filled out and mailed first, before any forms and applications (below) will be processed.

Applications for Unemployment, Permanent Disability, Food Stamps and a free cellphone with its Speed Dialing programmed to call your local Welfare and Planned Parenthood offices.

A prayer rug including an imbedded Chinese plastic compass that helps you keep your Obama Rug pointed East.

An affidavit legally assigning theses ladies share (photo) of the $16+ Trillion Dollar Federal deficit to their grandchildren.

Everything was made in China, mind you and all directions were printed in Spanish.

Keep an eye out Eagle County Taxpayer. Yours should be arriving soon!

The Answer to you and your families skyrocketing cost for Healthcare?

U.S. Treasury Secretary – Jack Lew has been authorized by the Obama Administration to print new money – designed to help you pay for those out of control Obamacare costs…

Just tell your healthcare provider you won’t be using your credit card but rather Jack Lew’s new U.S. currency to help with your additional medical insurance costs due to Obamacare.



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