Vail Voters – Have a Chance

by Clayton Moore

The Town of Vail – has a unique chance for a brighter future.

It’s up to the Vail voters on Tuesday, November 5th 2013.

What’s unique about this Vail Town Council election – is that (4) seats are up for grabs -and only (2) incumbents running for re-election.

Now Vail Voters have a real chance to improve how things are run and decided in their Town.

Consider:  If Vail had responsible leaders that are good listeners, problem solvers and compromisers – how is it that the Town of Vail – got themselves sued by long time Vail Property Owners living near the Vail Golf Course?  Well…so much for the two Vail Town Council incumbents trying to keep their litigious Council positions.  The Vail Tax dollars now going into the pockets of lawyers…smacks of poor judgment on the part of the incumbents and a complete lack of personal (vis-a-vis Vail taxpayer) responsibility.

Your best bet for a new Vail Town Council that is willing to listen…are organized from the left to the right this exclusive ECT photo.

L-R (Jenn Bruno, Dale Bugby, Dave Chapin, Sounia Chaney, Meighen Lovelace, Greg Moffet, Susie Tjossem)

What the ECT has learned.

Candidate Dale Bugby has proven his positive personal relationship with Vail’s private sector and Vail voters…by fund raising more campaign funds than any other Vail candidate – to date.

Well spoken candidates (at the Candidates debate forum) included – Dale Bugby, Jenn Bruno, Sounia Chaney and Dave Chapin all of which would constitute a much better mix if individuals on Vail Council – compared to the litigious bunch in charge today.


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