Colorado State University – Mandates Obamacare for Students

by   How much more can a College Education, cost?

It’s True.

Students enrolled at Colorado State University (main campus – Ft. Collins, Colorado) will now need to provide PROOF of Medical Insurance starting in the Spring 2014 Semester.

You guessed it….Obamacare strikes again!  Proof?  (just click on the graphic below)


The ECT has a couple of Questions about this new College/University ObamaCare mandate Policy…

1 –  What is the new Medical cost to a Family (who was just “dropped” by their Insurance company) going to be?  Who is going to pay for this additional family/individual cost now added to what Students and their families already pay in Tuition and board?

2 –  What of students that are currently working to pay for their College Education…because they come from families that can’t afford to (completely?) pay for each one of their children’s College Education?  How are these Students going to pay for these additional now mandated medical insurance costs?

Don’t worry ECT readers….the self proclaimed “editorial board” at the Daily Fishwrap recently printed their recommendation that you vote FOR Amendment 66 – the proposed permanent Colorado Income Tax increase this November 5th.


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