Friday on Next Tuesday – Your Ballot!

by   the Fans of Sgt. Joe Friday

“just the Facts Ma’am”

joe-fridayAmendment 66?  The smartest thing any voter can do before voting (for/against) Amendment 66 (the permanent Income Tax Increase) is to check what your Health Insurance costs are going to be.  If you’re like most of us – you’re in for an unpleasant Healthcare surprise.

FACTS?  OK – Your Eagle County Public School District – is currently running a BUDGET SURPLUS.  It’s documented right in the School Boards (meeting minutes) – Click Here)

Every wonder why the Daily Fishwrap won’t report the FACTS?

Avon:  Ballot Issue 2A.  The Fact is any shopping you do in Avon now (specifically inside Traer Creek’s development – the Village at Avon) you’ll be paying an ADDITIONAL 0.75% in a new Tax at Avon’s Wal~Mart and Home Depot.  It’s being collected at the Cash Register now.  The ECT warned you about this (Click Here) and the ECT told you lawyers on both sides of the Avon – Traer Creek lawsuit call this a “fee” and not a “tax” in their settlement agreement because TABOR would have required a vote from Avon’s citizens in order to have this new/additional Tax.

Bottom Line:  Avon voters CANNOT TRUST their current Avon Council.  FromJoe-Isuzu documented/violated (Council) residency requirements to years and years of taxpayer funded litigation (~$3 Million) – only a fool would vote to hand this Council more of their hard earned money and expect them to do what they said they were going to do with it.  Is everyone serving on Avon’s Town Council related to Joe Isuzu?

Gypsum Fire:  Ballot Issue 4A.  Turns out the Town of Gypsum’s Financial Health is excellent.  Proof?  Between the Airport and Costco reoccurring revenue Gypsum is now retiring a Bond in nine years instead of the agreed upon 20 years.  That Bond was issued to pay for Gypsum’s new Rec Center.

So?  So Gypsum’s Fire District Board should be eliminated and the Fire District should be moved into and under the control of the Town of Gypsum.  Gypsum can easily cover the cost of any (alleged) Fire District revenue “short fall” without raising Property Taxes.

Don’t be fooled Gypsum Voters – this one is more about “turf battles” than Fire Protection.

Colorado’s Proposition AA:  The Statewide Dope Tax.  The ECT’s position on this is a simple one…If you intend to violate Federal Drug Law….the ECT folks recommend voters make it as expensive as possible for all these law breakers – and vote for this new Tax.  If folks want to change Federal Drug law (no problem – we did it with prohibition) go ahead.  In the meantime dope smokers, you pay up.  Ditto for Red Cliff’s Dope Ballot Issue 2H.

Eagle:  Ballot Question 2E.  ECT says….Fix your dang I-70 Round-a-bouts before you try to raise Taxes in your Town.  Is everybody in your Town “Stoned”?  Retail Marijuana stores is not the #1 issue facing Eagle citizens.  Time to put your Bong down and get back to work fixing your roads.  It’s a hassle trying to get to the Costco to save a little coin on gasoline.

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  1. The dope tax will just help the black market drug sellers. The “legal” drug sellers are already way more expensive than the illegal sellers. Last spring, I was in GWsprings and the marijuana seller there was advertising 1/2 gram mj for $27. That’s $54,000 a kilo. No illegal mj operation ever had that kind of profit margin. So much for legalizing drugs to take the profit out of the enterprise

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