The Vail Incumbents Record…

This make senses to who?  Destroy the Par 5, 18th hole on Vail Golf Course?

When a Vail voter considers a Vail Town Council Incumbent to vote for (or not) – doesn’t it make sense to take a close look at the incumbent’s record?  Indeed the consequences of decisions that effect both the Recreational Assets of Vail as well as the (litigious) cost to the Taxpayer?

Well for the ECT folks it does make sense.  For others writing letters to the Fishwrap…it obviously doesn’t.  Some folks it seems never graduated from that College Fraternity/Sorority mentality..where decisions in their Greek residence – were made by considering “who we like better, first” before a review of their Greek Life issue at hand.


For the ECT folks we’re still trying grasp how this litigious mess now occupying the 18th hole/green on the Vail Golf Course…could…by any stretch make sense to a reasonably informed Vail voter…IMG_4836

On second thought though…the ECT has no doubt that the Lawyers on both sides of this unnecessary Town of Vail litigation will be happy to see it go on at the Courthouse for years to come.


The ECT folks believe Vail can (and deserves) better leadership.  It’s time to stop somebody’s “agenda” trumping everyone else’s Community and Recreational values.

It’s time for some positives changes in Vail.


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