Help Limit our Kids exposure to – Pot Shops

by   You can help too!

You don’t have to be a Drug Enforcement Agent to know that exposing our Kids to Pot Shops…is not a good thing.


Marijuana/Pot Shops/Dope/Weed…whatever you want to call it – is still ILLEGAL under Federal Drug Law.  Period.

Exposing Eagle County’s kids to this drug is a bad idea and it does not improve Public Safety.

Now you can do something to help limit the exposure our kids in Eagle County, Colorado have to this illegal Drug, and the illegal Pot Shops that operate in our Community.

Sign our online Petition.  It’s FREE and only involves a computer mouse “click”.

(Click Here)  to sign

The ECT folks are promoting Eagle County Commissioner Sara Fisher’s idea to confine retail Pot Shops to limited areas in Eagle County – and at the same time keep it away from our Kids…Yes, at the October 29th 2013 – Eagle County Commissioner meeting Sara Fisher proposed a way to do just that.  See our Petition for details.

Please sign our online Petition and support a good idea!

DATELINE:  October 11th, 2013 – Los Angels, California

SOURCE: Los Angeles Times. – Just CLICK ON graphic below to read their recent story.



4 responses

  1. God bless Obama and the Federal Government they know what is right for us, be it guns (strict gun control), Banking (perpetual bail outs), Food (FDA rules; or Cannabis (hey it´s illegal). I am so glad the people in Eagle County are getting on board with the federal government. We look forward to seeing you turn in all your guns.

    • ECT folks have not issue with folks changing Federal Law. Our Country did that with Prohibition, didn’t we? What the ECT doesn’t approve of is “government by agenda”…where the current Whitehouse administration “picks and chooses” what laws they will enforce. Examples: Immigration law, Federal Drug Law, Voter Registration/ID laws…these people (Eric Holder’s folks) act like they want to run a college fraternity. ECT now wondering if you’re seeing the big picture…it’s not just about pot…

  2. Well, it is a good thing for Coloradans that Constitutions trumps treaties.
    Cannabis, or as the author calls it “pot” is illegal only because of the UNSCN ’61 called for it to be. However, in the UNSCN ’61 also allows for cannabis to be distributed as long as the State has regulations for such distribution. As for the CSA – that is poppy-cock. The government has patents on cannabis as a therapeutic medicinal agent – yet they schedule it as “having no medicinal value”. When someone says to different things about the same thing… well…

    So I wonder, does ECT even know of this “big picture” they are talking about. No clearly not.

  3. Good thing its being taxed for Education! Appears CO schools/cops will need the money.

    11/11/2013 04:56:00 PM
    Pot problems in Colorado schools increase with legalization

    In two years of work as an undercover officer with a drug task force, Mike Dillon encountered plenty of drugs. But nothing has surprised him as much as what he has seen in schools lately.

    … The same phenomenon is being reported around Colorado in the wake of the legalization of medical marijuana in 2010, followed by the vote a year ago to legalize recreational marijuana …

    Read more:

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