Boy Scouts Honor – Eagle Style

by  Clayton Moore

Joining the Ranks of Scouting’s Best and Brightest – this past Saturday the Boy Scouts of America welcomed Greg El-Bitar into their exclusive ranks.  Greg’s older brother Michael El-Bitar is also an Eagle Scout.  These new Eagle Scouts proud parents are Omar and Janet El-Bitar of Edwards, Colorado.  Last Saturday’s Award ceremony was held in Minturn.


L-R, Eagle Scouts – Michael and Gregory El-Bitar, Scoutmaster Chris Burner, Scouting’s “Order of the Arrow Commissioner Larry Ferguson and BSA 3 Rivers District Commissioner Wayne Nelson.  On the Right is Eagle Scout and local Military Vet John Perkins – who is also an Eagle Scout…who may have misplaced his uniform!

Becoming and Earning the Eagle Scout Rank is no easy task.  A minimum of 21 Merit Badges and a ‘Special Service Project’ reviewed and approved by Scouting’s leadership team is just part of the process to becoming an Eagle Scout.


Greg’s Project was called the “Saint Patricks’ Spirit Center’s Floor Project” where Greg learned and develop the skills needed to install new flooring at the Spirit Center in Minturn – the site where Greg’s Eagle Scout Award was presented.

Did you also know that the ranks of other Eagle County, Eagle Scouts include….Fred Distledorf, Randy Wyrick, George Bagwell and Michael Brantz?

To learn more about joining the Boy Scout’s local Troop and becoming an Eagle Scout yourself – (Click Here) to reach the Western Colorado Council.  There are several Boy Scout Troops in the Eagle County area.


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