Election Round-Up from last week

Look what they accomplished in Virginia…

In a closely watched race – last Tuesday was the day that Virginia Voters selected their next Governor.

Virginia voters succeeded in choosing a new Governor – that the majority of voters – DIDN’T VOTE FOR!

Conservative Ken Cuccinelli + Libertarian Robert Sarvis got   1,156,691 votes

Wining Governor Elect Terry McAuliffe got                                    1,066,149 votes

Good Job Virginia!


Locally here in Eagle County and Colorado – it seems – the center left voters, joined the center right voters in rejecting new Taxes…except it seems most everybody voting in Colorado agrees that adding even more Taxes to Marijuana sales is a good idea….

The ECT feels compelled to inform you of the endorsements of the Fishwrap folks vs how they wanted Eagle County voters to vote…

The Fishwrap’s score?  Are the Fishwrap folks (in tune?) with their community?

Got it Wrong.  Avon – Fishwrap encouraged Avon voters to vote to pay more in Property Taxes (issue 2A).  Avon voters wisely rejected that new tax.

Got it Wrong.  Gypsum – Fishwrap encouraged Gypsum voters to vote themselves an additional Property Tax for (issue 4A)  Gypsum voters reject the Fishwrap’s endorsement.

Got it Wrong.  Red Cliff – Fishwrap encouraged Red Cliff voters to vote for a property tax increase (issue 2H) and again the Fishwrap showed they’re out of tune with local voters.

Got it Wrong.  Colorado’s Ballot issue (Amendment 66)  voters rejected it, Fishwrap folks endorsed more Income Taxes.

Where did the Fishwrap endorsement “get it right”?  The Fishwrap folks endorsed putting a higher Sales Tax – on their own Customers.  You know…the folks who advertise in their print newspaper.  Who?  Local Pot Shops and Dispensaries will now have to collect more in Taxes at the time of Sale, because Voters – told them too!

Now you know why so many folks choose to read the EagleCountyTimes.Com each week.  We like you, pay attention to the folks who live here…


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