From the Street – ECT talks Turkey!

The ECT folks wanted to know – so we asked the friendly folks at Eagle County, Colorado’s local Radio Station – KYZR.

The ECT’s question:  How does a local Radio Station located in Edwards/Riverwalk store ~2000 pounds of Turkeys that need to be refrigerated for a few days before Thanksgiving?

The ECT insisted in our email:  A reasonable answer will result in a reasonable promotion!

Tony-MauroKZYR’s answer verbatim:  A reasonable question although after doing it for years the first time  it has been asked.  [sic] We pile them up on the north side of the building in the shade and erect a scare crow to keep the ravens away. [sic]
Over the years, we’ve used various local refrigerated storage options.  ETown Restaurant.  Village Market-Edwards.  The last couple of years we’ve taken them to the Beaver Creek warehouse in Eagle-Vail.  They have a very large refrigerated area for on mountain food and beverage operations.  Considering the ski area  isn’t open, they have lots of room.
The Salvation Army distributes the Turkeys when they put together their holiday food basketballs on November 23rd.

Good for all you folks involved in this generous public service.

For the record:  The ECT’s knows folks who believe the ECT has been giving KZYR’s (business partner in this holiday endeavor) ‘the bird’ for years.  Indeed after consuming so much fish…over the years…Turkey is a welcome change from the usual ‘daily’ diet!



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