the Fishwrap – deliberately hiding the facts from Voters

by Clayton Moore

Deliberately?  The ECT says YES, and we’ll prove it.

Consider:  Week’s before last Tuesday’s election the ECT folks worked to inform Eagle County Voters – that:

1-  Our Eagle County Public School District is currently running a Budget Surplus, per the ECSD Board Meeting minutes.  (Click Here)

2 –  Colorado Voters would be wise to consider the ongoing costs of their Healthcare Insurance before voting (for or against) the permanent income tax increase – printed on last Tuesday’s ballot as Amendment 66. (Click Here)

fishwrapAs we all know A-66 failed in Colorado – Voters/Taxpayers rejecting the permanent Income Tax increase by about a 2-1 margin.


So, two days after last weeks election results the Fishwrap – came clean.  For the firstRandy-Wyrick-Camera time EVER the Fishwrap (their reporter – who is also an ordained Baptist Minister – photo) disclosed to the Fishwrap’s readership – that indeed our Eagle County School District – IS currently running a Budget Surplus.  (Click Here).  Commensurate with that day – in addition, the former Fishwrap Reporter’s story (Lauren Glendenning) about Healthcare costs in Colorado’s Resort Communities also appeared.  Imagine that.  Glendenning the ECT understands is now working elsewhere in the Swift media corporation…

Now just why would the Fishwrap (who endorsed voting YES on Amendment 66 – and lost) withhold this information from a reasonable voter till after the election?

The answer is:  because they wanted you to vote FOR Amendment 66 – not inform reasonable voters – of all the relevant facts – before last Tuesday’s election.

And so it goes – with all politically left-leaning so called “news outlets” – they’re simply driven by their “own agenda” and not by any responsible/journalistic desire to inform the public of all the relevant facts leading up to a public vote.  In particular (as shown here) the Fishwrap folks fail again…even when those documented facts are immediately available…

So now a reasonable person should be asking him/herself “what else is going on in our community – that the Fishwrap also – isn’t reporting on?

Answer:  Plenty.

One more example of the Fishwrap failing to report on issues in our Community?   ECT folks still haven’t found (have you?) any mention of the Fact that Vail Resorts is dropping Medical Insurance coverage for all their Seasonal/Part-time workers?  Sending these folks out on their own and presumably into Colorado’s (Obamacare) Insurance exchanges…Naturally the ECT reported/documented that fact months ago…(Click Here)

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