Eureka! – It’s Backwards

Discovered this past week –

Vail’s new (six at once) detachable Ski Lift runs backwards from what the original Chair 4 was at this time, last year.

Skiers of Vail’s original Chair 4 from Mid-Vail to the top of Vail Mountain remember exiting the lift at the top…while the Chairs turned to the left to make their return trip back down to Mid-Vail.

The new lift is the reverse of what once was…as anyone who has watched the real-time video from Mid-Vail’s webcam knows.  (Click Here)


OK – Want to know what’s really going on…on Vail Mountain, real time?  OK you can listen.  VR uses a (Motorola Passport LTR) system that runs on standard commercially assigned UHF frequencies from our friends at the FCC.  Anyone with a basic Radio Scanner can listen legally same as with any Radio Scanner.  Now you could go out and buy a new Radio Scanner, hunt up the FCC assigned VR frequencies then program them into your Scanner –or- you could just (Click Here) and listen.

Caution – there is a lot more going on with this Eagle County, Colorado Radio Scanner – than just VR’s chatter.  No telling just what you might hear from time to time.



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