ECT’s concern for Eagle County’s – Public Safety

by  Clayton Moore

Vail opens this Friday (22NOV) for this years Ski season.  Beaver Creek opens the following Wednesday.

As usual this means many new seasonal (20 something’s?) working the Resorts by dayBlake-Roberts-Killer-18NOV2013 and parting frequently by nite.

This year more than at any other time – the ECT concerns are centered on Public Safety both on and off our Ski slopes.

FACTOID:  Governments #1 job is Public Safety.  Not Education folks, Public Safety.  All the things reasonable people want for their Community are based on Public Safety, FIRST!  Our Streets, Schools, Restaurants and Shops, Ski Slopes all must be made Safe (first) for ourselves and Resort guests.

So?  So then why are so many of Eagle County’s elected individuals spending so much time…passing zoning and local regulations that only serve to reduce Public Safety by allowing mind altering Drugs to be sold (then obviously used) in our Community?

Hash-Oil-DP-18NOV2013People are being killed (Click on top graphic).

From above – Eagle County District Attorney Bruce Brown:  “If you walk into any Courthouse any day of the week, you will see numerous people facing charges of drinking and drugging while driving”.

How does the availability of more Drugs in our Community, improve Public Safety?

Answer:  It doesn’t.  So then why allow more drugs into our Community?  Notwithstanding the fact these drugs are still violate Federal Drug Law.Retail

The ECT’s heightened concern this year is because higher Drug availability means greater Drug use and less Public Safety.  More defensive driving and a Helmet when Skiing/Snowboarding are two good ways to help protect you and your family – now that our elected leadership has shown little concern for our Public Safety by allowing more of these Drugs (hence more Drug abuse) into our Community.

PS – you can (Click On) either graphic in this story – to read the reports of increased drug abuse and less Public Safety in Eagle County and Colorado in general.


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  1. Well, lets just see what develops out of this. Perhaps Clayton is right… Cartels are financing Al Qaeda as we know, so yes, we must stay diligent.

    But what a tremendous cost to taxpayers… who will reimburse us, the federal taxpayers?
    Denver Post tonight, 11-22-13
    Fed raids on Colorado marijuana businesses seek ties to Colombian drug cartels
    […] Investigators believe the businesses that were raided are all “one big operation,” a source said …

    Another of the men listed in a search warrant as a target of Thursday’s raids is 50-year-old Juan Guardarrama, who pleaded guilty earlier this year in Miami in a racketeering case with connections to Colombian and Cuban gangs, according to court records and published reports.

    In July 2012, the Miami Herald reported that Guardarrama — who used the street name Tony Montana, after the character in the movie Scarface — was arrested on charges that he worked with gangs of Colombian and Cuban-born jewel thieves to sell diamonds that had been forcibly stolen from dealers.

    As part of the investigation, Guardarrama, a Cuban immigrant with deep ties to the Miami area but who was living at the time in Denver…

    Guardarrama also asked the undercover officer to have a business partner in Colorado who had “disrespected” him “taken out,” the Herald reported.

    In Englewood, a home was raided Thursday by armed SWAT team members, according to a neighbor who asked not to be identified. Two of the target subjects, Carlos Solano and Luis F. Uribe, listed the address on business records.

    The home is listed by Arapahoe County property records as being assessed for $1.3 million and is near the home of Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

    Read more:

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