DEA Marijuana Drug Raid – Denver

– Photo/Story credit – Denver Post  (Click on Photo below for full DP story)

Dateline:  Tuesday, November 26th 2013 – Denver, Colorado


If you believe that out of State Drug Cartels and big time Drug Dealers – haven’t moved into the now “Marijuana Friendly” State of Colorado – it’s time to think again.  As the ECT reported earlier (Click Here) the “heat” is on against California Drug Cartels – just where do you think Drug dealers might be interested in moving their operations?

The DEA has obviously tracked and (in this case) Raided – this Drug crime element that, clearly is now operating in Colorado.

Proof?  Do you know any other business that requires “five assault-style rifles, five handguns and a shotgun” to operate their (so called) “legal” – Marijuana Dispensary?

A reasonable person should be asking themselves now…”how long before this (Denver  discovered) type of Weapons/Marijuana Drug stash – shows up in Eagle County?”


With Laryngitis now part of his plan to fight Drug Cartels from entering Eagle County – our Sheriff (Joe Hoy) still hasn’t been heard from (at least publicly) on this Public Safety subject.  Why Not?

Our Eagle County Commissioners – continue to “hold the door open” for this Marijuana Crime element by passing new Eagle County Ordinances that allow Drug Dealers to operate in our Community – and with little cause for concern of enforcement from Sheriff Hoy.

Why do our Commissioners have such little concern for our Public Safety?

This is not a good direction for Eagle County’s Public Safety to be headed…now is it?


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