From the Street – Who Dat?

NO!  Hudak!

Evie Hudak – to be precise.  Thrown over the Transom by her own Democrat Party…

Evie Hudak is one of the most Radical Colorado State Senators (District 19) to  occupy a seat in Colorado’s Senate in last years – legislative session.

Evie and her party (Colorado Democrats) were obviously afraid – to have her face her election Recall already in motion.

The Colorado State Democrats are already bleeding from the two successful Recalls of Colorado State Senate (Majority leader) John Morse (D) and State Senator – Angela Giron (D).  Both of these Democrats were replaced by Republicans.

TURNS OUT – that if Hudak was Recalled (a 3-0 recall effort?) and replaced by a Republican – Control of the Colorado State Senate would return to Republicans – and all the Committee assignments would be run by the Colorado State GOP.  The Colorado Democrats maintain a majority (1DEC2013) in the Colorado Senate 18-17.

It was reported in the Denver Post that Hudak “resigned”.  (Click Here)

The ECT says:  Bovine Scatology.

Hudak was forced by her own party to resign – so that Colorado Democrats could appoint her replacement and keep control of the Radical Colorado Senate.  Which they did.

Why does the ECT keep insisting these are Radical Democrats?  Because their earlier legislative actions passed new Colorado laws that violate your 2nd Amendment Rights – is what got ALL THREE of them Recalled!  That’s why.

Ever wonder why the Daily Fishwrap won’t report this news?  The answer is that “Editor Half the Story” and the majority of his news room reporters – agree with these 3 Radicals.


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